Gerald Coulson G.Av.A.

Gerald Coulson is a man who has never had an art lesson in his life and yet has created an international reputation as an artist of infinite sensitivity. His talent is such that he has the ability to create an image on canvas of aircraft in flight which leaves the viewer with a feeling that he could fall into the picture.

Born in a village in Warwickshire, his was not an exceptionally artistic family, although his father was a designer and cabinet maker, Gerald Coulson's first consuming interest was not art, but aircraft. To him they were the most beautiful of all man-made creations, and he studied them at every opportunity. He served 8 years in the Royal Air Force and during this period he had ample opportunity to study his beloved aircraft, their line and form, seeing the light softening, hardening, sharpening, breathing life into metal and fabric but not yet into the canvas that he would one day use as a foundation for his exceptional talent.

Following his service in the R.A.F. he joined British European Airways as an Aircraft Engineer at London Airport, the four years he spent there proving invaluable to him.

Shortly after leaving London Airport to take up a technical illustrating post, the long-awaited opportunity presented itself for him to learn to fly and where he had found oil painting a difficult challenge, flying was just the opposite. It came naturally, and he made his first solo in under four hours. This was accomplished in a de Havilland Tiger Moth - "a real aeroplane with an open cockpit"

Since that unforgettable experience many years ago he has been fortunate to have flown a number of different types of aircraft, for different reasons, and of course it became a valuable asset with regard to his aviation paintings.

When, eventually, some of his work was accepted to be published as Fine Art prints and were well received by the Trade, he decided to take the big step and began to paint for a living.

The Fine Art Guild polls have rated him into the Top Ten Best-selling Artists no less than eleven times - three times at No. 1. This record, never previously achieved, unquestionably elevates Gerald Coulson to one of the world's foremost landscape and aviation artists. He now lives and works in a quiet village in Hertfordshire.

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