Fletcher Sibthorp

Since graduating with an honours degree from Kingston University, Fletcher's career has flourished with commissions for major artworks from such prestigious companies as BP, British Airways, British Telecom and Sony Records. His work has twice appeared on the cover of The Evening Standard and The Royal Shakespeare Company has commissioned him on a number of occasions. His work has adorned the pages of biographies for both Bertrand Russell and Virginia Woolf and appeared on covers of numerous books and record albums.

Fletcher Sibthorp's work is greatly admired by many well qualified to judge and his record of successes is impressive. He has won six competitons including the Association of Illustrators title on no less than three occasions and six separate Awards of Excellence.

Since 1992, Fletcher's work has been widely exhibited and most of his one-man shows are now held overseas in countries such as Japan and Hong Kong. His hugely successful exhibition and book launch in Cork Street, London in March, 2005 saw his prices for major oils soar to 15,000.

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www.kingsgallery.co.uk - 19th February 2019