Rob Milliken

Rob Milliken was born at a very young age in October 1948 at Harwich, Essex. His early years were spent mainly in Rotterdam where his dutch grandfather, an enormous influence in his life, introduced him to paintings and sculpture.

During the 1960's he played drums in a number of bands........... The schoolwork suffered................

In 1965 armed with a drum kit, a box of oil paints and an 'O' Level Art GCE he headed to the Midlands to seek his fame and fortune.......but no such luck! In 1969 the real world took over.

Marriage, children, mortgage, further education and then a proper job.

Although he received no formal art education, he developed his drawing and painting skills over a period of time and has used a variety of mediums. During the late 1980's he began using the egg tempera medium which he now uses exclusively. This medium suits his methodical and detailed method of painting.

In 1993 he was able to give up the day job to concentrate purely on painting and poverty. The Society of Tempera Painters, a world wide organisation and based in the USA, elected Rob a member in 1997. He became actively involved and was subsequently appointed to the Executive Committee and became Vice-President in 1999, a post he still holds today. At this time he became a founding member of the UK branch of the society. Although he paints a wide range of subject material he is mainly inspired by coastal areas. These paintings are of intimate close ups, whether they be of the battered sea defences or of sea shore pebbles and stones. He searches for the anthropomorphic qualities in his subjects and depicts them as such. His work has been widely exhibited in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA and has been included in a number of publications including "The Artist" and "International Artist" plus 2 hardback book publications.

In 2004 he appeared in the making of one of the Rolf on Art series for the BBC.

EGG TEMPERA _ The Details

Egg tempera is one of the earliest painting mediums and is characterised by its pureness of colour and luminosity.

Painting with egg tempera is a demanding process. Not only does the artist have the daily ritual of making egg tempera paint from finely ground pigments, egg yolk and water but also has to prepare the support and ground on which to paint. The ground is usually a gesso prepared from hide glue and gypsum and finished to a very smooth surface.

Egg tempera is unlike any other medium. The medium is fast drying therefore blending is limited. There is a linear quality, as opposed to a painterly quality, about egg tempera. This requires a degree of planning before putting brush to panel. The paint is slowly built up in many transparent or semi transparent layers. Impasto layers would crack and eventually fall away.

Many of Rob's later works have anthropomorphic connotations.....the stones and artifacts take on human characteristics and interact with each other.

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