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New Artists recently added: David Arbus; Mabel Lucy Attwell; David Dodsworth; Frederick Gore RA; Deborah Jones (Teddy Bears); Katty McMurray; Rob Milliken; Terrence_Millington; Ben Payne; Adrian Rigby; Mark Rowbotham; Royo; Charles Willmott; Michael_Wood;

New Pictures recently added to: Canterbury Images; Beryl Cook; Ben Payne; L.S.Lowry; Decorative; Sport;

David Arbus
Mabel Lucy Attwell
Adam Barsby
Gary Benfield
Kevin Blackham
Simon Bull
Ronald Cameron
Beryl Cook
Wendy Corbett
Gerald Coulson
  David Dodsworth
Terence Evans
David Farrant
Russell Flint
Terry Frost
Louise Fox
Rob Hefferan
Gary Hodges
Graham Isom
Deborah Jones
  Terry Kirkwood
Joy Kirton Smith
L.S. Lowry
Gillian McDonald
Katty McMurray
Terrence Millington
Diane Patterson
Helen Rhodes
David Short
  Fletcher Sibthorp
Linda Jane Smith
Tony Smith
Richard Spare
Victoria Stewart
Mackenzie Thorpe
Steven Townsend
Charles Willmott
Michael Wood
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